Gardening at Eden

Gardening at Eden – and how to do it at home
Gardening at Eden
A giant clay pit with no natural soil is hardly the place you’d expect to find the Garden of Eden, yet within this inhospitable location, gardeners have created one of the wonders of the horticultural world. Within a site 60 metres below ground level huge biomes house exotics from the world’s major rainforests, the Mediterranean, South African ‘Fynbos’ and Californian deserts.

Outdoors, high altitude crops from the Andes and medicinal plants like cannabis jostle for space with crops for the future; all growing on man made soil that is no more than 1 metre deep.

This lecture explores the development of gardening at Eden, from the arrival of the first plants from around the globe to its daily management that ensures there is always something of interest for visitors and that the quality of the displays remain at the highest standard.  Gardening at Eden involves traditional techniques for feeding, watering and pest and disease control, many of them modified to suit the extreme conditions. Others are new innovations developed from the challenge of gardening at the ‘cutting edge’ and many of Eden’s ideas can be used at home.

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