Wonder of Plants

Venus Fly TrapThe Wonder of Plants

Have you ever wondered how cacti survive the extremes of the desert, how the ‘Venus Flytrap’ captures its prey or intricate orchid flowers are pollinated? This lecture is an opportunity to look closely at the complexities of some of the plants that give us so much pleasure and to discover how they survive in extreme climates from the steamy, humid tropics to frozen, ice capped mountain tops.

On our journey, you will be introduced to many amazing plants from some of the world’s most fascinating habitats. Stopping in the Amazon rainforest to study the ‘Giant Water
Lily (Victoria amazonica) with the largest leaves in the world.  In the Philippines we discover how hummingbirds help exotic ‘Torch Ginger’s to survive before trekking through deserts to discover how cacti survive in extreme temperatures.

There’s much more to the botanical world than meets the eye. Welcome to the wonder of plants!

For further information or bookings please contact Matthew via e-mail: info@matthewbiggs.com

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